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The Life Tree,[1] also known as the Tree of Life,[2] is an object in Skyward Sword.

Location and Uses

After Link reseals The Imprisoned for a second time, Groose will tell Link that a sapling could be planted within the Sealed Temple.[3] Later, when Link visits Lanayru, the Thunder Dragon, with the intent of learning his portion of the "Song of the Hero", he learns that the Dragon died of illness and nothing remains but bones. Upon reviving him with a Timeshift Stone, Lanayru informs Link that his servants, the Ancient Robots, planted a Life Tree Seedling in Lanayru Gorge in the hopes of using its curative properties to nurse the ill-stricken Dragon.[4][2] However, as Lanayru Desert underwent a great climate change, the Life Tree that grew eventually withered and failed to produce any Fruit.[5]

Beside the withered Tree of Life rests a decrepit Ancient Robot, who comes back to life when the nearby Timeshift Stone is uncovered and reactivated. When the Timeshift Stone is struck, the Tree of Life reverts to its juvenile phase as the Life Tree Seedling and may be uprooted and transported. The Ancient Robot will stop Link and warn him of its purpose and upon hearing that he intends to relocate it to a more suitable location, encourages Link to plant it outside of the Lanayru region and bring it back to their master once it's grown Fruit.[6] Link can plant the Seedling in many places, such as in the fields at the Lumpy Pumpkin or on Skyloft. However, Fi will advise against this, claiming that it will take thousands of years to be of any use.[7][8] Instead, Link must plant it in the Temple of Hylia in the distant past so that the Tree of Life is fully grown when he returns to the Sealed Temple. If Link plants the Seedling in the Sealed Temple as opposed to the Temple of Hylia, Fi will affirm that the location is appropriate, but it will not be useful to Link in the present era.[9]

When spoken to, Impa will remark how nice it would be for Zelda if there were a great tree awaiting her when she awakens from her sleep.[10] When spoken to after the Seedling has been planted, Impa will take notice and assure Link that the Tree will likely live "for millennia."[11] In the present era, Groose will tell Link how happy it makes him to see the Tree.[12] Once the Life Tree Fruit has grown, Link must roll into the Tree of Life to knock it down, then take it to Lanayru in order to heal him. Returning to Lanayru, Link will throw the Life Tree Fruit into the air, causing it to fall into the Thunder Dragon's mouth, revitalizing him.[13] Afterwards, Lanayru will perform his portion of the "Song of the Hero" for Link.[14]


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