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Life Like
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Life Likes are enemies in Tri Force Heroes.[1] They are a smaller variant of the Like Like, and can be compared to the Rupee Like.


Life Likes are found in the Drablands. They hide themselves in the ground, appearing as a seemingly harmless Heart, but pop up when a Link comes near. Their fake Hearts can be distinguished by a tiny shaking they make. They will then begin moving towards any nearby Links. If allowed to get close enough, they will lunge and capture Link in their mouth. The Link will begin to lose Hearts at a rapid rate. Eventually, it will release him, and he must run quickly away to avoid being inhaled again. The imprisoned Link's teammates may also free him to save Hearts. When defeated, Life Likes drop a single Heart.

There are various methods to destroy them, but one of the most effective is to throw a Bomb into their mouth. This will kill them instantly. They can also be defeated with Arrows. This is a safe way to kill them from a distance. Lastly, they can be damaged with the Sword, however, this is perhaps the least effective strategy, as it takes many hits to kill it this way, and Link puts himself within easy swallowing distance while he is attacking.

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