"My name is Librari, and I have lived many long years. So many, in fact, that I've rather forgotten how old I am! But when I was young, oh, I crossed mountain and sea! I had many great adventures, but now I stay here and teach students. Yes, I enjoy my life of quiet study. I have so many stories yet to tell..."
— Librari

Librari is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. He is the twin brother of the Minish Elder, Gentari, and often tells the other Minish that live in the bookshelf of the Royal Hyrule Library stories.


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When Link has finished the Fortress of Winds and is looking for the Water Element, he uses his new Ocarina of Wind to warp to the Lake Hylia Wind Crest and discovers from the Minish living there that the Element could be found in the Temple of Droplets. The Minish also reveals that the only Minish alive to have entered the Temple is Librari, who lives in the Royal Hyrule Library. Link travels to the library and returns the books that are needed to reach Librari. Librari listens to Link, then sends him down a secret hatch to the Hyrule Town Sewers where Link discovers Librari's secret: the Zora's Flippers. They allow Link access to the Temple of Droplets.

"Yes, the elder Librari once found an entrance to the Temple of Droplets."
Forest MinishUpon completion of the game, Librari moves to a mushroom in the middle of Lake Hylia. If Link fuses Kinstones with a Forest Minish in the Minish Village, Link can access the mushroom through a small dungeon-like area. If Link visits him, he is surprised that Link was able to find him, and gives him a Heart Container as a reward.

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Librari's name is a play on the word "library", which is the Hylian structure where Librari resides.

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