This article is about Level 4, a dungeon of the First Quest. For the dungeon in the Second Quest, see Level 4.

Level 4, also known as "The Snake", is the fourth dungeon of The Legend of Zelda. Located on an island, Link cannot access this dungeon until he has acquired a raft. Once he has that piece of equipment, he can follow along the river's eastern edge until he reaches a dock, from which he can float to the island containing the dungeon entrance. This is the first dungeon in which Link will need to use the Blue Candle to illuminate dark rooms. The key item to find in this dungeon is the Stepladder.

Boss Strategy

Level 4 is Link's first introduction to Gleeok, a multi-headed dragon who spits fireballs. The best strategy is to move up close to the body, where Link is less likely to be struck by the fireballs. Repeated stabs with the sword will eventually cause one of the heads — in this case, two — to separate from the body. Severed heads then fly around the room and attack Link. Gleeok will perish when all of the heads are separated from the body.







The map of the dungeon shows that the 'snake' has an 'eye' which appears as empty space. This is, in fact, a secret room, which can be accessed by bombing any one of its four walls. This secret room contains sixteen Rupees.



Map of Level 4 during the First Quest

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