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This article describes the "Letters" menu. For the actual items, see Letter.
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The Letters screen is a recurring menu in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2] In both Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks, it is a submenu of the Collection Screen.


The Letters menu displays a list of all the Letters that the Postman has delivered to Link so far. Whenever they see fit, the player can select a Letter to read it.[3] The menu uses icons of closed and open envelopes to distinguish which Letters have been read and which have not.[note 1]

The menu paginates all letters, as most are too long for the screen. The list of letters itself becomes long enough to require scrolling as well.

Actions on the menu typically trigger a sound effect of shuffling paper.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, the Postman himself explains the interface mechanisms for reading a letter.[3] The menu indicates who the Letter is from. The letter itself may or may not be signed.

In the original version of the game, the layout of the menu consists of a single-pane for the list of Letters. The selected Letter appears as a modal. In Twilight Princess HD, the menu has a two-column layout. The navigable list of letters is shown on the left, and the Letter under the cursor appears on the right.[note 2]

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, the way to read Letters is explained in the text that appears when Link obtains one.[4] The menu does not have a field indicating the sender, but in this game all Letters are signed anyway. The layout is the same as in Twilight Princess—a single pane with the selected Letter appearing as a modal. Some Letters enclose Maps or Pictures which appear on the top screen. The Rail Map can be opened on the Touch Screen while reading almost any Letter,[note 3] allowing the player to mark what they see on the top screen.[5]


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  1. In the original Twilight Princess, there is only a closed-envelope icon. Previously read letters are distinguished by the absence of an icon.
  2. Naturally, the interface designs for the menu bear some resemblance to those of email applications in the real world.
  3. The first Letter, From the Postmaster, has no such option as it is simply a notice with no bearing on locations in the game. The same is true for the [[Battle Rank Notice#Spirit Tracks|]].[verification needed] The Letter From Princess Zelda only displays an option for opening the Map of Hyrule Castle specifically, as Link has not yet obtained the Rail Map at that point.


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