"You were given a letter to Kafei! Quick! Deliver it for her! Take it to a mailbox."
— In-game description

The Letter to Kafei is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This letter was written by Anju in response to a letter she received from her lover, Kafei.

After Link receives Kafei's Mask from Madame Aroma, he can ask people what they know about the missing Kafei. If Link shows the mask to Anju on the First Day, after she receives Kafei's letter from the Postman, she will ask Link to meet her in the kitchen of the Stock Pot Inn at midnight. If Link meets her there, she reveals to him that she received a letter from Kafei and asks if he can deliver her reply. After Link receives the Letter to Kafei, he can place it in a Postbox and wait for the Postman to pick it up on the Second Day. When the letter is delivered, Link can enter the Backroom and meet Kafei. This will allow Link to reunite Anju with Kafei and receive the Couple's Mask on the Final Day. Alternatively Link can give the Letter to Kafei to ??? in the restroom of the Stock Pot Inn on any night and receive a Piece of Heart, although Link can use various other quest items for this as well.

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