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For other uses, see Letter (Disambiguation).

Letters are recurring items and objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][note 1] They are the most common means of long-distance communication between characters.

Letters are most often sent via Mail Delivery and delivered by the Postman. Link is occasionally tasked with mailing Letters to a Postbox. Sometimes he personally Delivers certain Letters. Letters to be mailed or hand-delivered go in the Inventory. In many games, various characters mail Letters to Link, sometimes enclosing items for him. In some games the Letters are kept on the Collection Screen (specifically the Letters submenu) and can be read any time. In other games the Letters are discarded after being read.

Location and Uses[]

The Legend of Zelda[]

TLoZ Letter Sprite

In The Legend of Zelda, Link can receive the Letter from an Old Man in a northeast cave of Hyrule. When Link shows the Letter to any Old Woman, they will sell him Blue and Red Waters of Life. The Letter reads:[3]

Quote1 This heroic lad is an acquaintance of Impa. Please give him aid. Quote2
— Letter

Link's Awakening[]

Main article: Goat's Letter

In Link's Awakening, Christine asks Link to deliver the Goat's Letter to Mr. Write.

Ocarina of Time[]

In Ocarina of Time, a Letter in a Bottle can be found in Lake Hylia. It is a Letter from Princess Ruto that must be delivered to King Zora in order to gain access to Zora's Fountain.

Zelda's Letter is given by Zelda to verify Links work is for the Royal Family. Showing this to the the Hyrulean Soldier at the Kakariko Villages entrance to Death Mountain will open the gate. After showing the letter the Happy Mask side quest will begin.

Majora's Mask[]

At the beginning of the First Day, Kafei mails a letter to Anju. The Postman refuses to tell Anju which Postbox he collected it from. Later on in the Anju's Anguish Event, Link mails Anju's Letter to Kafei.

On the Night of the Second Day, the Postman mails a letter to himself.[4][clarification needed] Link can read the letter on the Night of the Final Day—he can find it on the bed in the Post Office. In the letter, the Postman asks himself to flee Clock Town.[5]

Oracle of Ages[]

The Wind Waker[]

In The Wind Waker, Link obtains four Letters for Delivery. The first is Father's Letter to Komali. Afterward, Link can mail the Note to Mom for Baito. He can do the same for Maggie with Maggie's Letter. He also delivers the reply—Moblin's Letter—back to Maggie as her father will not allow Ilari to deliver it.[6] All of these Letters are stored in the Delivery Bag in the Inventory.

Link himself receives Letters from other characters through the wiggling Postboxes of the Island Postal Service. The Letters always enclose an item, either Rupees, Charts, or Pieces of Heart. Once read, the Letter is discarded and Link obtains the item that came with it.

The Mail Center Minigame has Link sorting letters for the Island Postal Service. His pay depends on the number of letters he can sort within the time limit.

Letters to Link
From Enclosed Available After Summary Full Text
Kashiko Piece of Heart ADin's Pearl[verification needed]
Mailing Note to Mom and night turns to day or vice-versa
Thanks Link for looking after her son Baito.

To my son's superior,

Thank you very much for looking after my
boy. This isn't much, but I hope you'll
accept it all the same.

I politely request your continued kindness
toward my son.
                               (Baito's mother)

Hoskit's girlfriend Piece of Heart AbDin's Pearl
Leaving Dragon Roost Island after giving 20 Golden Feathers to Hoskit[verification needed]
Thanks Link for the Golden Feathers.

Dear Link,
I recently received some Golden Feathers
from my boyfriend, who mentioned you.

I'm something of a bird enthusiast, so I
know how hard it must've been to get all
of these feathers.

I want you to be as happy as we are,
Link, so I'm sending you this
Heart Icon as a token of our affection.

Rito Chieftain Piece of Heart BFarore's Pearl Thanks Link for helping the Rito.

 Dear Link,

 If you are reading this letter, it can only
 mean you have peeked into one of our
 many postboxes.

 I am indebted to you. I am very sorry I
 let you leave without thanking you.
 Please accept my heartfelt apology
 along with my thanks.
 We cannot do much to help you, but we
 can at least do this: if we get any
 letters or parcels for you, we will
 deliver them to a postbox near you.
 If you see any wiggling postboxes,
 please look inside them.

 I suppose you have a long way to go
 before your perilous journey is done.
 I have included a gift for you with my
 letter in the hope that it might help you.
 Please accept this small token. I look
 forward to the day that we meet again.

 May Fortune Fill Your Wings
                        From Komali's Father

Orca Red Rupee CReturning to Windfall during Ganon's Curse Tells Link to bring him some Knight's Crests.


If you wish to be a true

find some Knight's Crests!

And return to me!


If you wish to be a true

find some Knight's Crests!

And return to me!


Beedle Beedle's Chart
30 shopping
DBombs Advertises sale on new shop item, Bombs.

    Notice from Beedle's Shop Ship!

 It's time for our semi-annual Big Chance
 Extravaganza! We have a new product
 that has burst onto the scene: Bombs!!!

 We're having an extra-special sale on
 this choice item for a limited time only!
 You'll know where to find us by checking
 the enclosed Beedle Shop Ship Chart!
 Visit a Beedle Shop Ship near you today!
 (Offer not available in all regions.)

 Don't miss this HUGE opportunity!!!

Beedle Complimentary ID DaBeedle's Chart[verification needed]
Earning 30 points at Beedle's Shop Ship
Notifies Link of his new Silver Membership status.

Notice to Silver Membership Holders:

Thank you for your frequent patronage of
Beedle Shop Ships.

Since you have earned 30 points, you have
been granted Silver Membership. All Silver
Membership holders receive a special gift
of one Complimentary ID.
It is valid at all Beedle Shop Ships, so
bring it to a shop ship near you.

I look forward to your future patronage.

Beedle Fill-up Coupon DbComplimentary ID
Earning 60 points at Beedle's Shop Ship
Notifies Link of his new Gold Membership status.

To all Gold Membership Holders:

Thank you so very much for your continued
patronage of Beedle Shop Ships.

It has come to my attention that you have
earned 60 shopping points. This entitles
you to Gold Membership in my stores.

All Gold Membership holders receive a
special gift of one Fill-up Coupon that
fills your stock of items.

When you find yourself running low on
items, bring this coupon to your nearest
Beedle Shop Ship for an instant fill-up.
(Does not apply to all products.) Beedle

Beedle Green Rupee EFirst Wallet upgrade Advertises Rock Spire Shop Ship.

 I'm sorry to disturb you with this
 unsolicited letter. If the following does
 not interest you, please throw the letter
 away without a second thought.


 Do you have need of an empty bottle,
 a Piece of Heart, or a Treasure Chart?
 We have them at special bargain prices.


 If you're interested, go to the Shop Ship
 near Rock Spire Island. First come,
 first serve! I can't wait to serve you!

 To those who took the time to read this
 letter...please accept my humble thanks.
    Asst. Manager, Rock Spire Shop Ship

Grandma Red Rupee FNayru's Pearl
Leaving Outset Island after healing Grandma
Frets over Link's well-being.

 How are you doing, Link? Do
 you have enough of Granny's soup?
 Where are you now?

 You may be closer than I suspect!

 Are you hungry? Are you keeping warm?
 You haven't injured yourself, have you?

 You always work so hard, Link.
 Do you have enough Rupees?
 Your grandma doesn't have a lot, but I'm
 sending you everything I've saved up.
 As long as I have you and Aryll, I don't
 need anything else.

 I just want the two of you to return
 home safely.
                                Love, Grandma

Tingle IN-credible Chart GKilling the Helmaroc King Explains the purpose of the IN-credible Chart. Mentions how Tingle's Chart can be used to find the Great Fairies that increase the capacity of Link's Wallet.

To the esteemed Mr. Fairy-Person,

Thank you very much for your purchase.
Enclosed is an IN-credible Chart.
This chart will show you where you can
find the Triforce Charts. I want you to use
it to find lots of them_they are my favorite
kind of charts!
And also, sir, have you been checking your
Tingle Chart? Have you seen those giant
fairy marks? Follow the chart to them and
your fortune will increase greatly!

Aryll Red Rupee GKilling the Helmaroc King Writes from Tetra's Ship to report that she is well. Describes her thoughts about each member of Tetra's Pirate Crew.

 How have you been, Big Brother?
 I'm here on the pirate ship writing you
 this letter. Isn't that neat?

 At first, I was really scared, but they're
 all actually nice...for pirates, I mean.

 Mr. Gonzo is a really big guy, but ever
 since Miss Tetra left, he's been crying
 like a baby. It's kinda funny...but sort
 of sad, too.
 Nudge is a little strange, but nice, too,
 and as for Senza...his beard makes him
 look pretty mean, but he tells really cool
 stories when he gets in the right mood.
 Zuko's kind of weird, and Mako is pretty
 quiet... Mako immediately gets mad
 whenever I try to take his glasses...so I
 do that a lot. Hee hee!
 As usual, Niko is always fooling around.
 He won't take anything serious. Actually,
 he seems sad not to have you around
 anymore. Were you guys good friends?
 I helped them all out with their chores,
 and they actually paid me a little for it,
 so I'm sending the money to you. Please
 use it, Big Brother!
 I'll loan you my telescope for a little
 longer...but you have to return it to me
 eventually, OK?

 I'm doing fine here, so don't you worry.
 I'll take care of myself, so you be sure to
 take good care of yourself. Good luck!

Baito Red Rupee HEarth Temple[verification needed] Writes a letter of encouragement to Link after hearing tales of his adventures.

 Yo! How ya been, man? I gotta tell ya,
 you really helped me out back there at
 the Mail Center. I appreciate it!

 I've been trying real hard ever since then,
 but my postman skills are still weak.
 I just can't seem to hit 22 letters!
 I doubt I'll ever be as good as you, man.
 So anyway, I've been hearing all kinds of
 crazy tales about you, and I figured I
 just had to write you a letter.

 It sounds like you're doing some pretty
 amazing stuff, man! You're great!
 You're awesome! You're...the man, man!

 You can probably tell that I had no idea
 what to write, but hey, I figured the
 least I could do would be to send you
 a letter of encouragement.
 So... Yay, man, yay!
 Go, man, go! Go! Go!
 Never give up! Never lose hope!

 And while I don't make much, I'm sending
 you the wages I've earned lately. Just
 doing my part! Hope it helps!

 I'm really sorry I had to send this C.O.D.,
 but I guess that's the price of fame!
           Take care!
    Thanks again, boss! From Baito

Four Swords Adventures[]

In Four Swords Adventures, Sweetie gives Link a Letter for her boyfriend, meant to repair their relationship.[7] If Link successfully brings the Letter to him in the Village of the Blue Maiden, he will be rewarded with Roc's Feather.[8]

The Minish Cap[]

In The Minish Cap, Hyrule Town has a Post Office and a Postman but Link himself neither receives nor sends letters in the mail—the Postbox on the roof of the Post Office purely decorative. He can, however, buy issues of the Swordsman Newsletter from Marcy at the Post Office.

Swiftblade occasionally receives letters from readers of the Swordsman Newsletter.[9][10][11] After Link obtains the Kinstone Bag but before he attempts to see Librari, Julietta spends her time writing a letter,[12] likely to her lover Romio.

Twilight Princess[]

Main article: Renado's Letter

In Twilight Princess, the Postman delivers up to 16 Letters to Link. They are stored and viewed on the Letters screen. Link himself cannot mail anything—the game lacks Postboxes.

Phantom Hourglass[]

Main article: Jolene's Letter

In Phantom Hourglass, when Link approaches a wiggling Mailbox, the Postman flies into view. He opens Link's Letters and reads them aloud, rather than give them to Link.[13] He accidentally reads out Jolene's Letter to her sister Joanne,[14] thinking it was addressed to Link. He then asks Link to Deliver it for him.[15]

Fuzo sends a Letter after any four new Big Plays are earned in Battle Mode, informing Link of his prize.[citation needed]

Spirit Tracks[]

Main articles: Linebeck's Letter and Carben's Letter

In Spirit Tracks, the Postman no longer reads Letters to Link, as there are new policies in place that prevent him from doing so.[16] They are stored and read from the Collection screen.[17]

Link can receive up to 20 Letters, 3 of which are sent by the Battle Commission after achieving certain Battle Ranks. All but three Letters are delivered by the Postman. Princess Zelda secretly hand-delivers hers to Link during the Royal Engineer ceremony.[18] Linebeck III gives Link Linebeck's Letter, which was written by the original Linebeck.[19] Carben wrote Carben's Letter to himself as a reminder,[20] but gives it to Ocean Floor, but gives it to Link to help him get down to the Ocean Floor.[21] These three Letters all provide information about how to progress on the game.

Some Letters enclose useful Maps to important locations or hidden Treasure Chests.[22] Ferrus encloses a Map or Picture that serves as a clue to his location, so that Link can come pick him up in the Spirit Train.[23]

Letter From Available After Enclosed
From the Postmaster Postmaster Spirit Train tutorial
From Princess Zelda Princess Zelda Royal Engineer's Certificate Map of Hyrule Castle with directions to Princess Zelda's quarters
From Alfonzo Alfonzo Snow Rail Map
From Russell Russell Snow Seal
From Beedle Beedle Snow Seal
Beedle Club Mailing Beedle Joining Beedle Member's Club
Silver Membership Beedle Earning 200 points at Beedle's Air Shop
Gold Membership Beedle Earning 500 points at Beedle's Air Shop
Platinum Membership Beedle Earning 1,000 points at Beedle's Air Shop
Diamond Membership Beedle Earning 2,000 points at Beedle's Air Shop
From Linebeck Linebeck Speaking to Linebeck III after Kenzo begins work on the bridge to Ocean Realm
Carben's Letter Carben Speaking to Carben Map of Ocean Realm with location and correct striking order of the three Shock Switches
From Ferrus Ferrus Embrose Duet[verification needed] Picture of a Dark Train in the Snow Realm
From Niko Niko Fire Seal Map of Aboda Village with markings over two hidden Treasure Chests
From Ferrus (2) Ferrus Force Gem 11 and Bow of Light[verification needed] Map of a section of the Spirit Tracks north of Goron Village
From Kagoron Kagoron Visiting Dark Ore Mine Map to secret Treasure Chest in Dark Ore Mine
From Ferrus (3) Ferrus Force Gem 18 and Compass of Light[verification needed] Picture of a wooded area of the Forest Realm[where?]
Battle Rank Notice Battle Association Achieving Battle Rank of D Treasure worth 150 Rupees
Battle Rank Notice Battle Association Achieving Battle Rank of A Treasure worth 500 Rupees
Battle Rank Notice Battle Association Achieving Battle Rank of ★★ Treasure worth 500 Rupees

Skyward Sword[]

Main article: Cawlin's Letter

In Skyward Sword, Zelda sends a Letter to Link using her Loftwing. On the front of her Letter, "TO LINK" is written,[24] while its back features her signature, a single "Z",[25] both in Hylian.

Breath of the Wild[]

Other Appearances[]

My Nintendo Picross: Twilight Princess[]

MNPTP Letter Sprite

The nineteenth puzzle in the Picross series and the eighteenth puzzle in the Mega Picross series depict a Letter.


  • Orca's Letter to Link is noticeably abrupt compared to the others.[26] In the original version of The Wind Waker, the body of the Letter is aggressively large and Orca's named is signed very small. In The Wind Waker HD the font size is the same as other Letters.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseおばあさんへの手紙 (Obā-san e no Tegami) (TLoZ)[27]
テガミ (Tegami) (TLoZ)
手紙 (Tegami) (OoT)[28]
Letter to the Old Woman
Same as English.
Same as English.
NetherlandsDutchBrief aan de oude vrouw (TLoZ)[29]
CanadaFrenchCALettre (ST)[30]
FranceFrenchEULettre à une petite vieille (TLoZ)[31]
Lettre (ST)[32]
Letter to a little old woman
GermanyGermanBrief (ST)[33]
ItalyItalianLettera (ST)[34]
SpainSpanishEUCarta (ST)[35]
Latin AmericaSpanishLACarta (ST)[36]
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  1. The Letter was referred to as the Letter to a Little Old Lady in Tips & Tactics.[2] However, as this contradicts the name given in Encyclopedia, it is not considered Canon.


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