"A Legendary Pictograph is an image of a being or essence that has passed beyond the knowledge of this world. They're quite incredible, really. These are images that one comes across only in the rarest of circumstances, but as I am the leading pictographer in the land, I have managed to gather many of them."

The Legendary Pictographs are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are rare pictographs depicting characters whom Link cannot usually capture on film himself. These pictures can be bought from Lenzo on Windfall Island for 50 Rupees each (150 in the HD version). It is unknown how Lenzo was able to take pictures of the various characters, since some of these characters were completely inaccessible during Lenzo's younger days, when he allegedly took these photos. Directly connected to the lunar cycle, the photograph that Lenzo sells depends on that particular night's phase of the Moon. The pictographs sold are as follows:

He will only sell Link pictographs of characters he has seen in the current play through.

Interestingly, the only picture that Link can take himself is that of Ganondorf, during the final battle. He can take the picture of Ganondorf, and bring it to Carlov to be carved into a figurine.

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