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Leena is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Leena is a Gerudo soldier who can be found in the barracks in Gerudo Town. If Link speaks to her, she talks about what she needs to remember to pack for a vacation, including Hydromelons and sunscreen.[2] If Link speaks to Liana or Leena after speaking to Riju for the first time, Liana asks where Barta is.[3] Leena explains that she went to the Yiga Clan Hideout two days ago and wonders what happened to her.[4][5] Angered, Liana asks why she let Barta go by herself and Leena apologizes.[6][7] Liana is upset that they now have to retrieve both the Thunder Helm and Barta.[8] She expresses concern about Captain Teake finding out about it and Kotta asks what they should do,[9][10] causing Liana to yell that she is thinking about it.[11] If Link speaks to Leena afterward, she wonders if the Yiga Clan captured her,[12] but assures herself that she probably only got lost in the sandstorms near Karusa Valley.[13]

If Link speaks to Leena after completing the Side Quest, "The Search for Barta", she mentions that Barta making it across the Gerudo Desert is actually impressive and wonders if Barta is really strong.[14][15]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
United KingdomEnglishBRLeena
JapanJapaneseリンネル (Rinneru)
Latin AmericaSpanishLALeena
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