Ledd is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is a Mogma living at Eldin Volcano. Ledd is fascinated with explosions and has created a Bomb Bag that allows the holder to safely store Bomb Flowers and use them at their leisure.


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Ledd initially appears when Link first arrives at Eldin Volcano, being one of the first Mogmas that Link encounters. He later meets Link within the Earth Temple, where he is in search of treasure. At one point, he loses his Bomb Bag, and asks Link to retrieve it from him, in exchange for him letting Link borrow it to progress further into the dungeon. When Link retrieves the Bomb Bag from a pair of Lizalfos and brings it back to Ledd, he gives the bag to Link outright.

Later, when Link encounters a wall of fire blocking the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary, Ledd suggests visiting Lake Floria to gather a suitable amount of water, prompting Fi to suggest using the Water Dragon's Basin.

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As many Mogmas seem to be named after metal and other minerals, it is possible that Ledd's name is derived from lead.

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