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Laverra Beach
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Laverra Beach is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Laverra Beach is a location found within the Faron Grasslands, running from the western side of the mouth of the Menoat River bordering the Faron Sea. It is a predominately sandy beach with the occasional patch of gravel, with segments of rocks and grass to the west and cliffs to the north. A Lizalfos base lies just off the shore.

Four Treasure Chests can be found off the shore of Laverra Beach. Three of these are wooden and can be found floating near the Lizalfos camp, and by the eastern end of the beach. The fourth is metal and lies on the ocean floor towards the central point of the beach. Several Luminous Stone Deposits can be found along the norther cliff face.

Link can find five Koroks along Laverra Beach. One can be found be completing the star shaped pattern of rocks at the eastern end of the beach, a second by examining a moving patch of green light towards the beaches centre, a third under a rock Link can access by blowing up a weak portion of the cliff to the right of a Luminous Stone Deposit, a fourth up a palm tree at the beaches centre, and a fifth under a rock on a ledge towards the top of the cliff to the west.


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