The Laverra Beach is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Faron Grasslands region of Hyrule, at the western side of the mouth of the Menoat River and bordering the Faron Sea.

While a predominately sandy beach, with the occasional patch of gravel here and there, it becomes somewhat rocky and grassy in its westernmost section. Cliffs lie to the north with Rushrooms and five Luminous Stone deposits dotted about the cliff face. The surrounding water is rocky and is home to Hearty Blueshell Snails, Mighty and Armored porgy, and several Water Octoroks. A Lizalfos base lies just off shore, holding several Lizalfos, two barrels, one wooden crate (filled with three Apples and a Palm Fruit), and a wooden treasure chest containing five shock arrows. Link can find palm trees, blue-winged herons and the occasional mountain goat on the shore.

Several treasure chest can be found offshore. Two wooden one float in the water of the eastern end of the beach, with the one furthest west containing an opal and the one to the east containing a silver Rupee. A metal chest lies on the ocean floor towards the center of the beach and contains a Royal Shield.

Link can find five different Koroks at Laverra Beach: One, in the eastern part of the beach can be found by completing the star shaped pattern or rocks; another, towards the center can be found by examining a moving patch of green light; a third can be found by blowing away a weak section of cliff to the right of a luminous ore deposit to reveal a rock with a Korok underneath; the fourth is located up a palm tree at the beaches center; and the final one can be found under a rock on a ledge towards the top of the cliff in the westernmost part of the beach.

At night Stalizalfos and Stalkoblins spawn here.

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