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The Laundry Pool is an area in Majora's Mask.[1]

Features and Overview

The Laundry Pool is a small, closed off area attached to South Clock Town. A pool of water is located in its center, likely where the residents of Clock Town come to wash their laundry. The Curiosity Shop in West Clock Town has a Back Room in the Laundry Pool that Kafei uses as his hideout.[2] While small, it is an important location in the Reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest. A bell belonging to the Curiosity Shop can be found here for people with business to ring.[3]

A bench is situated against the south wall of the Laundry Pool. On the First and Second Nights, Guru-Guru will sit here, playing his portable phonograph.[4] If Anju does not entrust Link with her Letter to Kafei, she will come on the Second Day with the intention to meet him herself, but her courage will falter and she will sit on the bench and cry.[5]

There are three red Rupees in the pool itself, totaling 60 Rupees' worth. However, they can only be reached on the Night of the Second Day. This is due to the Rupees being behind a grating that prevents Link from traveling up the stream's flow beforehand. After the Night of the Second Day, they will be swept farther downstream and behind an opposite grating, again out of reach. A crate next to the bench will always hold a blue Rupee.

A Frog can be found underneath the tree here. If Link has defeated Goht and returned spring to Snowhead, he can use Don Gero's Mask to notify this Frog that Snowhead's unusual cold snap has ended and that the Frog Choir is meeting again.[6]

This is also the location of Clock Town's lone Stray Fairy during the Day. At nightfall, the Fairy moves to East Clock Town.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 洗濯場 (Sentakujō) Laundry Place
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 洗衣场 Laundry Place
ERROR: You must enter a country code. ChineseTR 洗滌場 Laundry Place
Canada FrenchCA Lavoir de Cadranbourg (MM3D)
French Republic FrenchEU Lavoir de Bourg-Clocher Clock Town Laundry Pool
Federal Republic of Germany German Waschplatz Laundry Place
Italian Republic Italian Lavatoio Laundry Place
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Lavadero Laundry Yard


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