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Nanna (grandmother)[1]
Claree (older sister)[2]

Lasli is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Lasli is a member of the Sheikah Tribe living in Kakariko Village. Her job is to call attention to the local Armor Shop owned by Claree called Enchanted.[4] Once Link comes up to speak to her, she immediately begins to fawn over him, saying he is her type.[5] She takes note of the Sheikah Slate he has with him and has to pause to realize what that means.[6] Her outburst startles Link, but she reels back to point out that he must be quite important.[7]

At 9:00 PM, Lasli will run for home, worried about her Grandmother chastising her.[1] Once she is home, she will take a seat and remove her umbrella. Link can speak to her and she will tell him how she used to catch Sunset Fireflies at night.[8] However, she cannot go out anymore due to the monsters and the Yiga Clan,[9] which causes Lasli to lament her misfortune.[10] If Link is already inside the house when Lasli first comes home, she is frightfully startled at first.[11] Then she realizes who it is and relaxes.[12] If Link enters her home late at night, Lasli will call him rude but then inquire about his Sheikah Slate.[13]

Once Link has had his first meeting with Impa, he can visit Lasli in her home at night, which causes her to remark on his kindness.[14] She tells him of how much she enjoyed the nighttime of the Village,[15] but recalls that now she cannot go out late.[9] Lasli wishes that she could do something about her situation. Later on, she will remark on how pretty the Fireflies were that evening.[16] She admits she used to be good at catching them when she was younger.[17]

Lasli awakens and leaves home at 5:00 AM each morning. She will remark on how Link seems to be wide awake so early.[18] She mentions that she is going to work and that Link can join her if he's looking for clothing.[19]

Even in the Rain, Lasli will wait outside and call out to potential customers.[20]

At night, during "The Stolen Heirloom" Shrine Quest, she will sneak off to the small graveyard and quietly mourn the love of her life who was attacked by a monster.[21] Apparently not even Claree knows of her visits. She mentions someone named Jarod during this,[22] but this person is never met.


Lasli's name is derived from raspberry; this is especially apparent in the French translation, where her name, Amboise, is two letters off raspberry in French, framboise.

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