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The Large Brass Key is an item featured in The Crystal Trap. Used to open the Iron Door and thus entern the Cavern,[1] the key can be found in three different places: in the Tree Witch's hut, in the Desert, and in the Swamp, all depending on which path Princess Zelda chose at the Stone Pillar Crossroads.[2][3][4]

If Zelda goes through the forest, she must choose to climb the rocky path, where she will eventually meet the Tree Witch. Zelda automatically finds the key if she goes through the swamp, but in the desert, Zelda must choose to follow the palace twice, where she will eventually reach an old temple and the altar that holds the key. However, seeing as the Witch's Ring is necessary to obtain the Magnifying Glass, the best path to choose from the forest, desert, and the swamp is the forest, since without the Witch's Ring the Large Brass Key is useless as Zelda cannot free Link without having all three items as dictated by the Fairy's Scroll.


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