"You got oil in your lantern! With this filled, you'll be safe all night."
— In-game description

Lantern Oil is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is used by Link to fuel his lantern. This yellow liquid can be found in numerous locations and can be poured directly into the lantern or stored in a bottle for future use.

Lantern Oil can be purchased from Coro, Trill, Sera, and other individuals. It can also be found in large vats in some dungeons, such as Arbiter's Grounds.

Interestingly, A young Goron merchant found in the stairs leading to the viewing platform of Castle Town Center Square will sell Link Lantern Oil for 30 Rupees (10 Rupees higher than other places), but only to put in an Empty Bottle and will not sell him any oil for his Lantern (most establishments will still sell Link Oil for his Lantern if all his Bottles are full). Also Coro is the only person Link whom allows Link to select whether to purchase Oil for his Bottle or his Lantern.

Another Goron who runs a small shop at night in Kakariko Village also sells Lantern Oil in addition to Red and Blue Potion.

Yellow Chu Jelly's effect is identical to that of Lantern Oil and so can be used as a free refill. This is useful, as Yellow Chus are found only in dark caves, where Link may run out of Lantern Oil. In addition to refilling the Lantern with oil using a bottle or by purchasing it, Link can also refill the Lantern directly by dipping it in Yellow Chu Jelly after defeating a Yellow Chu or one of the large vats found in dungeons. After obtaining the Master Sword, Link switch to using his Wolf form's senses to navigate dark areas, allowing him to save both Lantern Oil and reduce the amount of money he spends on refilling it.

Interestingly, neither of the two Malo Mart branches sell Lantern Oil.

Non-canonical appearances

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Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

Lamp Oil is one of the three wares sold by Morshu in Faces of Evil and the owner of the General Store in Wand of Gamelon. As in Twilight Princess, oil is required to keep the Lantern lit. Once Link or Zelda receives the Magic Lantern, oil is no longer required.

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