"Listen, I'm not sure you should be wandering around the woods without a lantern. Just because it's daylight doesn't mean it's safe. There are a ton of caves and dank spots around here that get pretty dark even in the middle of the day."

Lantern Caverns are locations from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are hidden cavern complexes found near Kakariko Gorge and Lake Hylia. These caves are so named due to the fact that they are so dark, they are not easily navigated without the use of a Lantern. Alternately, the senses of Wolf Link can be used in the dark to see his environment. Though these are not needed to successfully navigate a Lantern Cavern, the various monsters and trap holes found within make this an arduous task. A smaller lantern cavern is also found in Faron Woods; this is the only one Link is required to pass through.

Lantern Caverns often house treasures such as Pieces of Heart and Rupees, as well as Imp Poes and by extent, their souls. Unlike most locations in the series, the mini-map of the area grows as Link explores the area, which often branches into multiple paths, meaning Link must explore the entire cavern to create a map of the said cavern.

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