"Annoyance! You are only getting in the way!"
— Lanmola

The Lanmola is a mini-boss from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It guards the Angler Key in Yarna Desert.


The battle take place in a quicksand pit, where Link is constantly being sucked into the middle. The Lanmola will burrow under the sand, then emerge and glide across the area before burrowing into the ground again. Link can damage the Lanmola by slicing it with his sword when it emerges or when its head is close to the ground.

When Link defeats the Lanmola, he obtains the Angler Key and is sucked into the quicksand pit. Here, he finds himself in an underground cavern.


Lanmola (Link's Awakening)

Lanmola (Link's Awakening)

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