Language of the Minish

A Minish speaking the Language of the Minish

"I gather it's been quite some time since they last saw a human. ...What's that? You didn't understand what they were saying just now? Ah, yes. That was the language of the Minish. It's a little different from the dialect I am most familiar with. I'm afraid I didn't catch most of what they said myself. But perhaps there is someone here who understands your language. We should look around."

The Language of the Minish is the language spoken by the Minish race in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. When Link and Ezlo first arrive at the Minish Village, they find several Minish living there. Link attempts to speak with them, but he is unable to understand the language. When Link meets Festari, who is fluent in the Hylian Language and therefore able to communicate with Link, he instructs Link to find a Jabber Nut, which allows Hylians to understand the Minish language. Once Link finds and eats the Jabber Nut, all the text that was formerly in Minish is translated to Hylian. Ezlo states that there are different dialects of Minish; however, Link can still understand all of the variations of the language present in the game after he eats the Jabber Nut.

It should be noted that in the German, French and Italian versions of the game, the language is simply German, French or Italian respectively written backwards.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap manga

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In the manga of The Minish Cap, the Language of the Minish is simply written as backwards Japanese.

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