Lanayru Spring is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located in Lanayru Province, it is home to Lanayru, one of the Light Spirits. It is the fourth and final Spirit's Spring that Link visits in the game.

Fairies are released to the Lanayru Spring after the fourth level of the Cave of Ordeals is completed. Upon completion of the Cave of Ordeals, a Great Fairy appears here, offering Link Great Fairy's Tears. Strangely, the waters in this spring will only heal Link if he is floating on the surface, but not if he goes underwater.


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After restoring light to Eldin Province, and voyaging through the Goron Mines, Link finds that the fourth Light Spirit's light has also been stolen. Once Link fills the Vessel of Light with Tears of Light and restores the light to the Lanayru Province, Lanayru appears before him and tells him that the last Fused Shadow lies at the bottom of Lake Hylia, in the Lakebed Temple. Before he ventures to the bottom of Lake Hylia, Lanayru finally reveals to Link the true power of the Fused Shadows, as well as the history of Hyrule and the Interlopers. Upon completion of the Lakebed Temple, Link returns to the spring to encounter Zant waiting for him. Zant steals Lanayru's light once more and tries to convince Midna to join his side, so that they may rule together. Refusing his offer, Midna is exposed to Lanayru's light as he releases it, nearly killing her.

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  • Once Link obtains the Double Clawshots from the City in the Sky, he is able to access a ledge in the spring where two orange Rupees can be found, worth a total of 200 Rupees.
  • A passage leading to three Treasure Chests can be accessed through a door in the wall of another ledge.
  • Treasure Chests located at the bottom of the spring can be obtained by using the Iron Boots.
  • The various snake statues around the edge of the spring will give Rupees if Link rolls into them.

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