"This is the Lanayru Sand Sea. Though it may seem implausible, I assure you that this area once featured a vast body of water. I have detected the presence of many monsters in the area, though they are a weaker variety than those found in areas to the north."

The Lanayru Sand Sea is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is a sea of Sinksand located where a great body of water (the Ancient Sea, a 'great sea') once existed in the Lanayru Desert. Link uses a Motorboat captained by LD-301N Skipper to traverse the area, as the boat has a built-in Timeshift Stone that transforms the sand near to the boat back into water. The Motorboat can be docked at several locations around the sea, including the Ancient Harbor, Skipper's Retreat, the Shipyard, the Pirate Stronghold, and the Sandship, which is located north of Skipper's Retreat.


Like most of Lanayru Desert, the present day Lanayru Sand Sea is an arid and dry desert. The sea that existed in the past is now a impassible sand of Sinksand. The Ancient Harbor is now an abandoned ruin, overrun by monsters such as Yellow ChuChu and Aracha. Unlike most areas, Timeshift Stones are a rare sight here, though fortunately the remains of the Skipper's Motorboat docked at the Ancient Harbor contains a Timeshift Stone as a power source, which allows Link transform the sea of sinksand back into the sea of the past, allowing him to explore the Lanayru Sand Sea.

Timeshifted Past

In the past, this part of Lanayru was a vast 'great sea' of water home to water dwelling monsters like Cranioc and Water Spume. Using the Skipper's boat, Link can use its Timeshift Stone power source to transform the impassible Lanayru Sand Sea back into the sea of the past allowing him to explore the region and access the various islands such as Skipper's Retreat, the Shipyard, and Pirate Stronghold during his and the Skipper's search for the Sandship which contains Nayru's Flame.


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Due to the similar climate and location, the Lanayru Sand Sea could be related to or be the same as the Haunted Wasteland from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Another similarity is that they both have quicksand as the majority of their land.

Another possibility is that the Desert Province from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Lanayru Sand Sea, as the two are in similar relative positions and share similar geographical features.

It is certainly located in the location of future Gerudo, as indicated by the Gerudo Dragonfly found in Skyward Sword.

It could also be related to the Desert of Mystery from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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