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Lanayru Mine is a location that appears in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in Lanayru Desert. It is where Link first lands during his first visit to the desert.

Link only has to venture through this area once during his first visit to the region, as coming back here is completely optional once Link activates the Bird Statues in main part of Lanayru Desert and those near the Temple of Time. Like most areas of Lanayru Desert, it is connected to the main Lanayru Desert area, Lanayru Gorge, and the port to Lanayru Sand Sea by the Lanayru Caves. However order reach the Lanayru Caves from Lanayru Mine, Link must first obtain the Clawshots from the trial in Lanayru Desert's Silent Realm.


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After Link lands here safely, Fi informs him they have landed in an area known as the Lanayru Mine. They find the place barren and the encounter the broken down remains of the Ancient Robot miners. As Link travels through the mine to make his way to Zelda's current location, he comes across a Timeshift Stone. Hitting the Timeshift Stone cause the local time space around it to warp to the Lanayru Mine of the past, restoring the Ancient Robot miners as well as their technology. Link uses the Mine Carts and Timeshift Stones he finds to venture further into the mine which eventually leads him to exit the mine and ends up at the entrance to the main Lanayru Desert.

In the timeshifted past, Ancient Robots can be seen hard at work, mining Timeshift Stones which are then transported to the Lanayru Mining Facility to be refined so they can be use as power sources. One of them mentions that one of his fellow robots was captured by monsters (Link later encounters the captured Robot in the main Lanayru Desert imprisoned in a cage by Technoblins). Some of the Robot miners appear to wear specially designed Digging Mitts which they use to excavate Timeshift Stones.

Bomb Flowers are often found in various parts of the mine and bombs are used several times as Link travels further through the mine.

The area serves as an introduction to Timeshift Stones and mine carts which Link will use later on during his exploration of the area near the Temple of Time and the Lanayru Mining Facility dungeon.

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Gerudo Valley

If Lanayru Desert eventually became the desert region seen in Ocarina of Time, it is possible that the Lanayru Mine eventually became Gerudo Valley (and possibly Gerudo's Fortress) area.

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