The Lanayru Gorge is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Located to the south of Lanayru Desert, it is the dwelling place of Lanayru.


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While searching for the three parts of the Song of the Hero, Link goes to Lanayru Gorge to find Lanayru and learn his part of the song. However, he has long since died and only a skeleton remains. Link must escort a Mine Cart filled with Timeshift Stones to his remains. After Link has done this and converted the vicinity to its past state, he finds that Lanayru is gravely ill. Link heals him by using the Life Tree Seedling, which the Ancient Robots have planted unsuccessfully in Lanayru Desert's poor soil, then plants it in the Sealed Temple, in the past, by way of the Gate of Time. When Link returns to the present, he must roll into the tree to receive the Life Tree Fruit, which is said to cure any illness, and brings it to Lanayru in the past to cure him of his illness. Lanayru is endlessly grateful and gladly gives Link his part of the "Song of the Hero". Lanayru will then also let Link play his Lightning Round mini-game whenever he wishes.

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