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The Lanayru Caves are a small network of caves located in the Lanayru Desert region in Skyward Sword.[1]


The Lanayru Caves are a network of small caverns covered with stalagmites and Bomb Flowers that can be used to blow up the many bombable rocks that are located inside the cave. The small cavern is also the site of a research dig of Timeshift Stones and home to a Goron known as Golo. It is first visited by Link after he completes Nayru's Silent Realm Trial and receives the Clawshots. With his newly aquired item, Link is able to cross over a large pit of quicksand which leads to the cavern's entrance. Once inside, Link proceeds to talk with Golo who informs Link that he has heard of a Sacred Flame hidden somewhere in the Lanayru Sand Sea. Golo hands to Link the small key to the door that leads outside to the dock bordering the Sand Sea.[2][3]

Link returns to the Lanayru Caves while on his quest to find Lanayru the Thunder Dragon, so that he can learn his part of the Song of the Hero. Golo announces that his excavation was a huge success and Link returns to the spot that Golo was previously mining at to find a small bombable hole. The crawlable hole leads to small cavern that holds an exit to Lanayru Gorge, where the Thunder Dragon resides.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ラネール洞窟 (Ranēru Doukutsu) Lanayru Cave
Canada FrenchCA Grotte de Lanelle
Italian Republic Italian Miniera di Ranel
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Cuevas de Lanayru Lanayru Caves


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  2. "I almost never get visitors! My name is Golo, and I am reserching the legend of the three dragons, one of which is said to live here! At first glance, it would seem that there is nothing in this area, but I know there is something here. I will just keep on looking!" — Golo (Skyward Sword)
  3. "And how about you, Link? Why are you here...? You are looking for a sacred flame? That sounds like something I have heard of before, but maybe not... Sweet goro, I remember now! I read about it in ancient scrolls that spoke of the Lanayru Sand Sea. I do not remember all the details, but you can get to Lanayru Sand Sea if you just go straight through here. If you want to get to Lanayru Sand Sea, you are going to need this key! Good luck to you!" — Golo (Skyward Sword)

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