"A desert insect that is often found in swarms. Has a face that's so ugly it's cute."
— In-game description

Lanayru Ants are creatures from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They can be found throughout Lanayru Desert.

Lanayru Ants, like Eldin Rollers, can be found either free-roam or by digging up certain spots using the Digging Mitts. Sometimes found in large numbers, these ants are rather skittish, but are easy to catch with rapid Bug Net swings. They can, however, be stepped on or chased over edges to their deaths, so Link must be careful and quick. Like Skyloft Mantis, they can also be occasionally found under Pots as well. Lifting, breaking, or touching the pot they are under will cause them to scatter. They can also be found under dust mounds using the Gust Bellows in the Temple of Time. Lanayru Ants can freely crawl around on Sinksand without sinking.

Like the other insects in the game, Lanayru Ants are a Potion Infusion component, used by Bertie to upgrade the stock potions Luv sells at the Skyloft Bazaar. Ants are used in the Air Potion and the second stage of the Revitalizing Potion upgrades.

Strich will buy Link's excess Ants for 20 Rupees each at night, in his room at the Knight Academy.

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