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Lanayru (Spirit)
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Guardian of the Lanayru Province

Lanayru is one of the four Spirits of Light in Twilight Princess.[2] It protects the Lanayru Province and appears in the form of a serpent.[3] Lanayru is named after the dragon of the same name from the Era of the Goddess Hylia.[4][5]

Lanayru is the only Light Spirit that has a shrine built around its spring. Also mentioned is the fact that local Hylians make regular visits to pay respect to the spirit.[6]


As part of Zant's plan to take over Hyrule, the Shadow Beasts were ordered to steal the light of the Spirits.[7] When Link succeeds in dispelling the Twilight from the Lanaryu Province and restores the Spirit's power, Lanayru explains how the Fused Shadows were formed by the power of a race of magic wielders, known as the Dark Interlopers, in an attempt to control the Sacred Realm.[8] However, before they were successful, the Goddesses summoned the three light spirits to intervene.[9] The light spirits sealed away their magic into the Fused Shadows, and the Dark Interlopers were chased across Hyrule into the Gerudo Desert, where they were then banished to the Twilight Realm by the Goddesses.[10]

When Zant attacks Midna and Link at Lanayru's spring after they find the last Fused Shadow, Lanayru appears and attempts to attack Zant, but is knocked back. Zant then either magically forces Lanayru to shine its light on Midna, or simply stops exerting his influence and allowing it to resurface, gravely injuring her. Lanayru teleports both Midna and Link away to relative safety. Along with the other Light Spirits, Lanayru heals Midna at the end of the game.


Lanayru's name is a reference to the golden goddess, Nayru.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese ラネール (Ranēru)
French-speaking countries French Lanelle
Federal Republic of Germany German Ranelle
Italian Republic Italian Ranel
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Lanayru



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