The Lakeside Stable is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a stable located on the western side of Lake Floria in the West Necluda region of Hyrule. Link can find Rumor Mill volume 6 on a table inside the stable. A Wooden Shield spawns behind the horse corral and a Traveler's Bow can be found behind the Stable.

Behind the Stable, Link can find a Weak Wall which he can destroy to find the Shai Utoh Shrine which contains the "Halt the Tilt" Trial given by the Sheikah Monk Shai Utoh. Opening the Shrine activates its Travel Gate which functions as a warp point for the Lakeside Stable due to their proximity. Unlike other stables the large, horse like structure on the roof has a goatee made of dried leaves, which can be burnt away by Link to reveal a Korok.



Can be found sitting outside the stable or walking along the road near it during the day, though he will rest inside the stable at night. Beedle sells Arrows and potion ingredients.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Arrow 20 6
Arrows (x5) 1 30
Thunderwing Butterfly 3 10
Hightail Lizard 2 10
Tireless Frog 2 100


Cima the female stable hand hates the noise of thunderstorms and wonders way the stable keeps getting hit by lightning. She proposes the side quest "Thunder Magnet" where she requires Link to investigate the cause. Link can climb to the top of the Stable's horse head shaped roof where he will find a Woodcutter's Axe stuck in the roof. Link discovers that the axe's metal blade has been acting like a lighting rod and the lighting has been attracted to the metal blade. Link must pick up the axe and bring it back to Cima who thankful to know the cause, rewards Link with the rare Rubber Helm which is one of the pieces of the "Rubber" armor set.

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