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Lakebed Temple,[1] also known as the Zora Temple,[2] is the third Dungeon in Twilight Princess.

Entrance to the Temple

The Lakebed Temple is located at the bottom of Lake Hylia.[3] Link can only gain access to it after both acquiring the Zora Armor in the Kakariko Village Graveyard and purchasing Water Bombs [4], as the entrance itself is blocked by a boulder.

Themes and Navigation

The Lakebed Temple is mostly based on the transport of water from its sources to dried rooms. Several rooms contain large ancient gears and waterwheels, which can be powered or moved by transporting water to their respective rooms. Throughout the Lakebed Temple, many large stalactites hang down from the celing. During his exploration, Link must frequently shoot Bomb Arrows to bring down the stalactites, so he can then use them to climb up to higher ground.[5] The Lakebed Temple's greatest feature is its rotating central staircase, which must be turned to move streams of water in the Dungeon. Using different handles and mechanisms, Link must bring the flow of water to move waterwheels and platforms to advance deeper into the Lakebed Temple.

In the Lakebed Temple, Link receives the Clawshot. The Clawshot can help Link by allowing him to turn the main staircase in more directions, as well as allowing him to carry himself to otherwise inaccessible areas. Link acquires the Clawshot after defeating the Lakebed Temple's mini-boss, the Deku Toad.

The final boss of the Lakebed Temple is Morpheel, and can only be reached by raising the water level high enough in the central room of the Lakebed Temple. The boss is found after Link descends while swimming through a long shaft leading to the battle arena. Upon defeating Morpheel, Link receives the third and final Fused Shadow and another Heart Container.[6]

Minor Enemies and Traps


  • When Link speaks to Midna, she initially admires the beauty of the Lakebed Temple and considers the place to be better than the Goron Mines; however, after some time, she changes her mind and complains about the complexity of the Lakebed Temple.[7][8][9] This may be a reference to how previous water-themed dungeons in the series were similarly complex in structure or in the need of manipulating water, as well as directly referencing the number of Small Keys needed in Ocarina of Time's Water Temple. Despite her complaints, there are no grand searches for Small Keys beyond the first.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 湖底の神殿 (Kotei no Shinden) Lake Bottom Temple
French Republic FrenchEU Temple Abyssal Abyssal Temple
Federal Republic of Germany German Seeschrein Lake Shrine
Italian Republic Italian Santuario del Lago Sanctuary of the Lake
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Santuario del Lago Sanctuary of the Lake



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