Lake Illumeni is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Tabantha Frontier region of Hyrule, towards the northernmost edge of the Gerudo Highlands region, and between the Tanagar Canyon and Cliffs of Ruvara. The Illumeni Plateau lies directly to the east.


The lake itself consists almost entirely of deep water with only a small rocky section to the west being within Link's depth. It is home to only one Water Octorok and no fish, though Cold Darners fly over the water.

Despite the lakes sparse nature the shore and surrounding land is teaming with life. Other than the steep, earthen western shore, the rest of the ground is covered in long grass, flowers and lush deciduous trees (many of which can be cut down for fire wood). Many mushrooms grow around the trunks and while most of them are Razorshrooms. Link can also find Hearty Truffles and Hylian, Endura and Stamella Shrooms. Squirrels, Deer, Grassland Foxes and Blue Sparrows live among the trees and Sunset Fireflies appear at night.

Due to the number of ruin surrounding it’s shore it is likely that, before The Great Calamity, Illumeni Lake was inhabited. The remains of at least two houses can be found to the northeast, and are patrolled by a Blizzrobe holding a Blizzard Rod. Most of the southern wall (along with a little of the eastern wall and roof) remain of one house, while of the other most of the northern and southern walls are still standing along with the roof and a little outside shelter which remains virtually intact. Another ruin can is located to the east and has several groups of Korok flowers surrounding it. If Link touches each group in order of most to least a Korok will be revealed. The first flower is on the roof, the second group are by the southeast corner, the third are next to the nearest western tree, the fourth are by the nearest northern tree and the fifth are by what remains of the northern wall. There is also the corner of a house located by the northeastern shore.

Aside from the Water Octorok and Blizzrobe Link can also encounter big Chuchus and Stalmoblins, the later of which spawn only at night.

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