"This unit's designation is LD-301N Skipper. It is the leadership model of this series of artificial life-forms. The original purpose of this series of robots was mining. It is the supreme model of the mass-produced robots."

LD-301N Skipper, also known simply as Skipper, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is an Ancient Robot who was built to be the supreme model of the mass-produced robots. Skipper was the original captain of the Sandship, before it was stolen by LD-002G Scervo. Skipper has a small mustache and wears a naval officer's bicorne (with decorative cockade) instead of the pronged helmets other Ancient Robots wear.

Skipper, despite being an artificial form of life, states that he has a family. A letter from his child can be found inside his house, Skipper's Retreat, as well as a picture of Skipper holding up another Ancient Robot, presumably said child. A letter from Skipper's crew and a picture of all of them together is also seen inside, implying that Skipper was a beloved captain. The pictures that are hung on the wall here resemble the Titanic in a few ways.

LD-301N Skipper Deactivated

Interestingly, Skipper mentions that he cannot stray from the Timeshift Stone in his boat, and is aware that those in the Pirate Stronghold should now be dead, alluding to the captain knowing the fate of the robot race. Notably, he is the only one of the Ancient Robots to refer to the difference between the past and the present caused by the Timeshift Stones, indicating a knowledge of their future.


"Skipper" is a term used to indicate the commanding officer of a ship. The word may also have been chosen because of its similarity to "Scrapper", another robot in the LD-301 series.

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