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Unnamed grandmother[1]

Kyra is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Kyra is a Gerudo who can be found traveling between the Kara Kara Bazaar and Gerudo Town. When Link first talks to Kyra, she mutters to herself to stay calm, remember her training and greet a man like anyone else.[2][3] She then introduces herself to Link while stuttering nervously.[4] Kyra tells Link that she is wandering the world in search for her dreams and asks Link if they met for a reason.[5][6] If Link declines, Kyra will be upset and stops talking to him.[7][8] If Link tells Kyra that she is his dream girl, she rejects this and remembers that her grandmother warned her not to waste her time on men who use words like "dream girl."[9][10][11] Kyra tells Link to forget they ever spoke.[10] If Link talks to Kyra again, she is upset that he is disrupting her "personal journey of learning and discovery."[12] Kyra asks Link once more if he thinks he is a part of her destiny.[13] If Link declines, she says that her grandmother was right about men.[14]

If Link speaks to Kyra in Gerudo Town, she compliments his clothes and says that they must drive men wild.[15] Kyra goes on to say that she is the perfect age to travel, but she has barely explored the Gerudo Desert because she prefers being around the familiar.[16][17] However, Kyra recommends that Link travels the world and suggests that he might meet a nice man.[18] Kyra also wishes that men were allowed into Gerudo Town,[19] but admits that she only leaves Town to meet them.[20] Kyra also sometimes says that the Kara Kara Bazaar sounds nice right now,[21] but does not want to walk there and never learned how to Sand Seal Surf.[22][23] Kyra regrets ignoring her grandmother when she told Kyra to go practice her Sand-Seal surfing.[24]


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