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Krane is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Krane is a Goron who stands watch at the western entrance to Goron City. When Krane first meets with Link, he recognizes him as the long lost Hylian Champion,[2] but then admits that Goron City has seen so few tourists lately that he now passes the time pretending to greet the Champion.[3] He asks what brings him to Goron City, to which Link can either answer that he is there for a Divine Beast, pleasure, or on business. Krane will give him different information based on how he responds. If Link speaks to him again and answers that he is visiting for a different reason, Krane will notice the change and become confused.[4][5][6]

When told that Link is there for a Divine Beast, Krane will mishear him, but adds that Bludo has been driving away a lizard monster, referring to the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[7] When told that he is there for pleasure, Krane remarks that Goron City has grown much too hot and recommends that Link buys a Flamebreaker Set piece or a Fireproof Elixir.[8] When told that he is on business, Krane comments that Goron City makes a lot of money selling Gems. He remarks that Gems make for terrible food to the Gorons and does not understand why other people would be interested in them.[9]


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