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Koyin is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Koyin works at the Hateno Pasture in Hateno Village, tending to animals such as Highland Sheep and Hateno Cows alongside Dantz. Prior to Link arriving in Hateno Village, Koyin left a note on the Village's bulletin board asking for help with the monsters on Hateno Beach.[3] When Link first meets her, she is angrily talking to herself and holding a stick in her hand.[4]

Should Link decide to speak to her, Koyin is immediately aggressive toward him.[5] If Link decides to end their conversation, she calls him a creep and says to cut it out.[6] If Link keeps speaking to her, she asks what he wants.[7] Noticing he seems confused, she tells him not to act clueless.[8] However, Koyin eases up once she decides that Link seems to be harmless, and she explains that she has been on edge due to all the monsters in the area.[9] She goes on to reveal that they come from Hateno Beach to steal her Highland Sheep, so much so that she is afraid she will run out if nobody stops them.[10] After she finishes talking, "The Sheep Rustlers" Side Quest will begin.

When Link speaks to Koyin again, she expresses her hatred for the monsters that live on Hateno Beach.[11] If Link asks about the monsters, Koyin complains that they attack anything that moves, and she claims to have attacked them with a Farmer's Pitchfork.[12] While she wanted to follow them back to their Monster Stronghold, she decided she was not prepared to fight seven monsters at once.[13]

If Link asks Koyin about Hateno Beach, she will tell him to follow the winding road to reach it.[14] Due to how well-known it is, Koyin believes that Link will be able to find it on a Map, as well.[15] When Link decides to stop talking to her, Koyin sighs and apologizes for being defensive.[16]

After Link has defeated the monsters on Hateno Beach, he must then return to Hateno Beach to inform Koyin.[17] She notes that her flock is calmer and asks Link if he was the one to exterminate the rustlers.[18] Should Link admit that he was, she will say that she thought he would be the one to do so.[19] If he simply bids her farewell instead, she stomps her foot and refuses to let him leave the conversation without hearing her out.[20]

Koyin rewards Link with 10 bottles of Fresh Milk, though it does not feel like enough to her.[21] She is pleased that she will be able to sleep soundly without having to worry about her Highland Sheep at night.[22] She also shyly invites him to come talk to her at anytime.[23] After this, the Side Quest will be completed. Koyin's message on the bulletin board will turn into one thanking Link for his help.[24]

When Link speaks to Koyin, she greets him, though she sourly wonders what is so good about their day.[25][26][27] However, she acknowledges that her life could be worse than it is.[28] She states that Link has saved her flock, as the Highland Sheep have been eating and sleeping better in addition to providing more milk.[29] When it Rains, Koyin comments that soil smells like life itself.[30]

If Link approaches Koyin while carrying the Blue Flame, she recognizes it as being associated with Purah and asks what he is doing with it.[31][32]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
United KingdomEnglishBRKoyin
JapanJapaneseトコユ (Tokoyu)
Latin AmericaSpanishLAOrene
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