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Kotts is a character in Breath of the Wild.[5] and Tears of the Kingdom.


Kotts is a Rito child who can be found in Rito Village. She is the second-eldest daughter of Kass and Amali, the younger sister of Notts, and the older sister of Genli, Cree, and Kheel.[3] At night, she sleeps in her home alongside her sisters.[6]

When Link first arrives in Rito Village, he can find Kotts in Kaneli's House.[7] She admits that she is scared of the "bird monster" in the sky, and she asks if Link is also scared.[8][9] If Link claims not to be scared, Kotts is shocked and wonders if he could be a Champion.[10] Alternatively, if Link tells Kotts that he is scared, she will become hopeless, since he is bigger than her.[11] She gets the idea to feed Fish to Divine Beast Vah Medoh until it is too full to eat her.[12] However, she becomes concerned that it will try to eat her when she goes to feed it the Fish.[13] Finally, if Link is confused about what she means by "bird monster," Kotts tells him to talk to Kaneli.[14] She promises to hold his hand if the story gets too scary for him.[15] When she leaves Kaneli's House for the day, Kotts remarks that she has to return to her home quickly or else she might be eaten by the Divine Beast.[16]

After calming Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Link can find Kotts' sister, Kheel, at Warbler's Nest. She complains that Kotts and the rest of their sisters promised to rehearse with her, but none of them showed up.[17] She asks Link to return to Rito Village and remind her sisters about their rehearsal, as she thinks they will listen to a "scary-looking Hylian" over herself.[18] This starts the "Recital at Warbler's Nest" Shrine Quest.

Link can find Kotts at the ponds in front of Rito Village, where she is fishing for Hearty Salmons.[19] When Link reminds her about her rehearsal, she is confused at first.[20] However, when she realizes what he is talking about, she explains that she forgot due to her focus on catching Fish.[21] Afraid that Kheel will kill her, Kotts gives Link a Hearty Salmon so he can make Salmon Meunière for Genli in the Kitchen.[22] She hopes that Genli will feel like singing after she eats it.[23]

Before she leaves the pond, Kotts wants to try to catch some more Fish.[24] In the meantime, she encourages Link to try and find the rest of her sisters.[25] She shares that Notts like places that are high and Cree is at The Slippery Falcon.[26] Once Link has gathered all of the ingredients, she tells him to go to the Kitchen to make Salmon Meunière in the Cooking Pot.[27]

Once all of the sisters have been gathered, Link can return to Warbler's Nest to find them all singing together.[28] Kheel explains that they are practicing a song passed down in Rito Village that was sung at Warbler's Nest in ancient times.[29] When Link speaks to Kotts, she will accidentally mess up the song.[30] Promising not to mess it up again, she promises to perform it for Link.[31] If Link agrees, the sisters will sing for him.

After Link uncover Voo Lota Shrine, Kheel will excitedly point it out to Kotts and her other sisters.[32] Kotts notices that it is an Ancient Shrine, which Kaneli told them about.[33] Notts says that they should inform their mother,[34] to which Kotts declares that the last one to reach Amali is an unhatched egg.[35] The five sisters will then fly back to Rito Village.

Back in Rito Village, Link can find the sisters singing together near Akh Va'quot Shrine. Kotts actually wants to catch Fish, but she is afraid Kheel will get mad at her if she does not practice.[36] She sings about Fish, and she asks Link if there were any inside the Ancient Shrine.[37] Finally, if Link says he has not gone inside yet, Kotts tells him to bring her back some ancient Fish.[38] After they finish singing, Kotts hopes she will have time to catch Fish tomorrow.[39]

After Kass returns to Rito Village, he will join his daughters by playing the bandoneon as they sing. Kass claims that they refuse to leave him alone for the whole day.[40] Kotts reveals that her father taught her to catch Fish by dive-bombing them.[41] However, she has trouble getting out of the Water afterwards, since she does not know how to Swim.[42] She also encourages Link to Swim right up to Fish and grab them.[43]

In Tears of the Kingdom, Kotts now runs the Swallows Roost Inn.


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