Kortz is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is a Mogma living at Eldin Volcano.


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Kortz is first found during Link's ascent of Eldin Volcano, where he instructs Link on the usage of Bomb Flowers, and the actions of rolling and throwing.

Kortz is later encountered in the Skyview Temple when Link returns to gather Sacred Water for Faron. He provides Link with a hint on how to summon a Goddess Wall located inside the temple. He is convinced that there is treasure deep within the temple. In his attempts to search the Skyview Temple, Kortz finds and buries a Small Key, but forgets its hiding place, leaving Link to search for the key in order to proceed. When Link inquires about the treasure Kortz is searching for, Kortz will tell him that a guy who looked like a Boulder with legs told Kortz about a Golden Carving that can be found in the temple, but is unaware that Link had already previously obtained it.

Once Link reaches the end of the dungeon (right before the door to the Boss Room), Kortz tells Link their is no more treasure to be found in the Skyview Temple as it appears someone beat Kortz to it. He states there is nothing in the temple but Water and ironically states that no one in the world would journey all that way through the temple for Water, unaware that is exactly what Link is there for. Disappointed there is no treasure, Kortz decides to cut his losses and head back home to Eldin Volcano.

After completing the Earth Temple, if Link sits on a chair inside one of the abandoned Bokoblin huts inside the underground caves where he obtained the Digging Mitts, Link will be greeted by Kortz who had taken possession of the hut, to see what it would feel like to own a house, as Mogma usually live underground.

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As many Mogmas seem to be named after metals and other minerals, it is possible that Kortz' name is derived from quartz.

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