Korokoros are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. They appear exclusively in the Color Dungeon, a bonus dungeon found only in the DX version of the game. Upon approach, Korokoros will begin spinning rapidly, damaging Link should they succeed in coming into contact with him. These enemies carry dual, colored shields which protect their vulnerable bodies. These shields may be green, red, or blue. To defeat a Korokoro, Link is first required to hit its center with his sword, causing it to pull its shields close together, forming a ball around its body. He then needs to lift it using his Power Bracelet and toss it into one of the special holes located throughout the room where the Korokoro was found. However, should the Korokoro's shield color not match that of the pit in which Link threw it, it will pop back out and continue its assault on him. Once all of the Korokoros in a room are residing in the correct holes, they burst, and are defeated.

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