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This article is about the event in Breath of the Wild. For the Side Quest, see "The Korok Trials".

The Korok Trials are an event in Breath of the Wild.[1]


When Link arrives in the Korok Forest, he will learn from the elder Chio that the Koroks have prepared a series of Trials for him.[2] They have become a tradition amongst the Koroks, their purpose being that anyone who can visit all three Ancient Shrines in the Great Hyrule Forest can be considered a true adult.[3][4] These Trials have been completed by many Koroks, including Chio himself, Hestu, and The Great Deku Tree.[5] However, Chio retracts his last claim.[6] If Link proves himself in the Korok Trials, the Koroks have arranged prizes to give to him.[7]

Completing all of the Korok Trials is necessary for "The Korok Trials" Side Quest. Once they have all been finished, Link can return to Chio to inform him.[8] He recognizes that Link wants a reward for visiting all of the Ancient Shrines,[9] so he gives him his three treasured Big Hearty Truffles.[10]

"Trial of Second Sight"[]

Main article: Trial of Second Sight

The "Trial of Second Sight" is the first Korok Trial shared by Chio, located in the southwest of Korok Forest.[11] Though Zooki is at first uncertain if a Hylian is allowed to attempt the Korok Trials, they decide to ignore it.[12] They explain that the only objective for their Trial is to not get lost in the mist of the Lost Woods.[13] To help Link find his way, Zooki offers a hint,[14] which instructs Link to seek out the iron of the hungry Trees.[15]

The path to the Ancient Shrine is lined by Trees that have iron boulders in their mouths. Link can easily find them by using the Magnesis Rune. Along the path, Link will find a Rusty Shield surrounded by Stalkoblins. Nearby, a Tree with a Stone Tablet in front of it will ask for the Rusty Shield to be placed in its mouth, promising a reward from its brother.[16] Doing so will cause a Treasure Chest containing an Amber to pop out of the mouth of another tree. Across Lake Saria, another Stone Tablet in front of a Tree will ask for the Treasure Chest, as it was stolen by the brother.[17] Once this is done, Kuhn Sidajj Shrine will rise from the ground, and Link will have completed the Korok Trial.

"The Lost Pilgrimage"[]

Main article: The Lost Pilgrimage

"The Lost Pilgrimage" is the second Korok Trial shared by Chio, located in the northwest of Korok Forest.[18] There, Link will meet Tasho, who will ask that he follow Oaki on their Trial.[19] By successfully following Oaki without being noticed, Link will be lead to Daag Chokah Shrine. Finding it will complete both the Shrine Quest and the Korok Trial.

"The Test of Wood"[]

Main article: The Test of Wood

"The Test of Wood" is the third Korok Trial shared by Chio, located in the eastern part of Korok Forest.[20] This Korok Trial is given by Damia, who shares that it is believed to be the hardest of the three.[21] Link's goal will be to reach the Ancient Shrine using only Items from the Korok Gear set.[22] However, if he unequips or breaks these Weapons, he will fail the Trial.[23]

At the end of the path through Mido Swamp, Link will find Maag Halan Shrine. This completes the Korok Trial.[24] Unlike other Korok Trials, Link is able to replay the Test of Wood as a Mini-Game.[25]


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