"A single swing. of this giant, sturdy leaf can create a gust of wind strong enough to blow away light objects. These will sometimes fall off trees as they're chopped down."
Hyrule Compendium

The Korok Leaf is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Like Tree Branches, Korok Leafs are relatively common weapons in Hyrule and can be found randomly by cutting down trees though Link may find them lying around in the environment. Link can equip and use it as a two-handed weapon to repel enemies. It can also damage enemies if it hits them. Korok Leaf are one of the few weapons that cannot be thrown, as Link will simply produce a gust of wind from the Korok Leaf, though this causes no damage and just blows air. Link can use it also to blow out flames, though Korok Leaves are flammable and will burn if exposed to fire or volcanic temperatures, though Link can use them as makeshift Torches, though it will eventually burn up as fire reduces their durability. As they are non-metallic they do not attract lightning during thunderstorms.

While a Korok Leaf can be used on horseback, it will not produce any wind gusts, thus its combat abilities are reduced when used on horseback.

Sailing Rafts

Breath of the Wild Raft Sailing (Korok Leaf)

Link sailing a Raft with a Korok Leaf

While Korok Leafs can be used as a weapon, their main usage is to propel Rafts across bodies of water by blowing a raft's sail. This allows Link to move a raft instead of letting it be propelled by the wind alone. Sometimes Link may find a Korok Leaf near a Raft or in the same area, while in other cases Link must acquire one by cutting down trees or bringing one from somewhere else. A Korok Leaf's durability is only effected if it hits something during a swing or burns, thus Link can blow air without worry of it breaking while sailing.

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