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Korne Beach is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Korne Beach is located along the Necluda Sea in East Necluda. It stretches south along the Necluda Sea before shifting west, turning into Clarnet Coast. There are many small patches of Palm Trees along the beach which sport Palm Fruit.

Around the middle of the beach, there is a spot with many rocks. Underwater near these rocks is a metallic Treasure Chest containing a Red Rupee. Link can raise the chest out of the water with his Magnesis Rune. South of this chest, there is another chest underwater that holds an Amber. Farther out in the water, there are 2 chests that have sunk below the water. One of these chests holds a bundle of 5 Shock Arrows while the other holds an Opal. Another chest can be found behind the Fang and Bone underwater. This chest encloses a Purple Rupee. East of this chest in the water is another chest. This chest contains a Topaz. Farther north of this chest is another chest. This chest holds a Purple Rupee. The final chest can be found right before Korne Beach turns west into Clarnet Coast. The chest is buried in the sand near a cluster of Palm Trees. This chest holds an Amber.

A Korok can be found hiding in a Rock Circle a small distance from the water. There are 3 gaps that need to be filled with rocks. The rocks can be found in their own smaller circle formations around the bigger circle.


Minor Enemies



Fang and Bone

Main article: Fang and Bone

Fang and Bone is a shop run by Kilton, who uses his own currency called Mon.[2] Kilton opens his shop in many different locations throughout Hyrule Kingdom and Korne Beach is one of them. Kilton only opens his shop at Night so Link can only find him then. During the Day, only a sign appears without Kilton.[3]


Korne Beach derives its name from cornet.

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