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"Your majesty, Ganon and his minons have seized the island of Koridai!"

Koridai is the country in which the events of Link: The Faces of Evil unfold. It is ruled through the influence of scholars in similar fashion to a classical Oligarchy. Many faces are carved into the mountain sides of the island, serving as the different regions.


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When Gwonam arrives at Hyrule Castle via flying carpet, he warns Link, King Harkinian and Princess Zelda of Ganon's planned attack on Koridai. Using Koridai as a base of operations, Ganon is transforming its people into blood-thirsty warriors.

With the prophecy stating that only Link can defeat Ganon, the hero travels to Koridai to hunt down the dark lord. When he finally does so, Link successfully defeats Ganon and restores peace to the island of Koridai.

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The currency in Koridai is the Rupee, although their Rupee has a slightly different color scheme from that of Hyrule. Also, the inhabitants more commonly refer to them as Rubies, likely due to a difference in language dialect.


  • Red = 1 Rupee
  • Green = 5 Rupees
  • Blue = 10 Rupees

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