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Konba is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Konba is a Hylian man who can be found camped at the Footrace Check-In. He operates the Footrace Mini-Game.

When approached, Konba notices that Link looks tough and challenges him to a friendly race.[3] If Link declines his offer, Konba will be disappointed, as he finally thought that he found a worthy opponent.[4] Alternatively, if Link accepts, Konba will introduce stakes to their race.[5]

Link can refuse Konba's stakes, which causes him to say he will never get anywhere in life with such an attitude.[6] If Link decides to go along with it, Konba will leave to set up the Footrace.[7] Once Konba returns, he explains that the objective of the Footrace is the pair of Big Flags on top of Mount Rhoam.[8] However, he reminds Link that it is a Footrace, not a "hoof race," and he will be disqualified if he rides a Horse.[9] After explaining this, he will begin the Footrace.[10]

If Link reaches the Big Flags before Konba does, he will be shocked to see that he lost.[11] Back at the Footrace Check-In, he reluctantly rewards Link with a Purple Rupee.[12] However, if Konba finishes the Footrace before Link, he will gloat and cheer for his victory.[13] When they return to the Footrace Check-In, Konba tells Link that he did well, but he will have to try harder if he wants to beat him.[14]

After finishing a Footrace, Konba will ask Link if he wants to start another one.[15] If Link agrees, Konba will become excited and explains that the rules are the same as before.[16] If Link refuses, Konba will be disappointed, but he encourages Link to use his traveling as a chance to build his leg muscles.[17] He also invites Link to come back to the Footrace Check-In if he ever wants to race again.[18]


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