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Komali's Grandmother
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Komali's Grandmother is a Rito character mentioned in The Wind Waker. By the time the events of The Wind Waker occur, it is mentioned that she has recently passed away, and thus she's never seen in-game.[1] She is the grandmother of Komali and the mother of the Rito Chieftain.


During her lifetime, Komali's grandmother was the attendant of the great Valoo, the protector of the Rito.[2] She was known to be a kind, wise, and respected woman who had an overwhelming ability in her dealings with the Sky Spirit.[3] Being Valoo's attendant, she was the only person in Dragon Roost Island who could fully understand Valoo's language[4]; moreover, due to her being a close friend of the Rito deity, Valoo granted her Din's Pearl as a gift.[5]

At one point, Komali's grandmother chose Medli to become her apprentice and successor as Valoo's attendant. Komali's grandmother saw the instrument that Medli was carrying and sensed what destiny had in store for the young girl, but kept quiet about it, instead using her position to teach Medli all that she had to know until the day fate would call her.[6]

Unfortunately, due to unknown reasons, Komali's grandmother passed away not long before Link arrived on the island.[1] This caused Medli to take over Komali's grandmother's position and become the new attendant to the great Valoo; however, she does not fully understand Valoo's language and is not too confident in her abilities as an attendant.[7] After Valoo begins to go into a fit of rage due to Gohma, Prince Komali loses his confidence and is afraid to visit the Sky Spirit and ask for his wings.[8] It is explained that his grandmother was always with him, supporting him and giving him the courage he needed, but now that she is gone, the only thing that gives Komali any strength is the Din's Pearl that his grandmother gave him before she passed away.[9]


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