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Koko is a character in Breath of the Wild.[4]


Koko is a little girl residing in Kakariko Village with her younger sister Cottla and their father Dorian. She has a tendency to speak about herself in the third person.

Early in the morning at around 5:00 AM, Koko will go to Kakariko Village's graveyard and begin to cry, but is startled out of it when Link comes close.[5] The girl will deny crying, saying her mother needs her to be strong.[6] Link can ask her about her mother and Koko will tell him that she has passed away and that she is resting in the graveyard.[2] She understands that her father is not being truthful about what happened,[7] but she realized it on her own.[8] If Link decides not to ask about her mother, Koko can explain that her family is reacting to her mother's absence in different ways and asks that Link not tell her sister that he saw her.[9]

At around 8:00 AM, Koko will leave the grave site to meet with the rest of her family at the base of a specific Tree, growing at the fork in the road that leads up to Ta'loh Naeg Shrine.[10] Once she reaches the spot and sits down with her sister Cottla, Koko explains that her mother was very fond of the Tree.[11] Once Link has had his first meeting with Impa, Dorian will also join them at the Tree.

At 11:00 AM, the family parts ways and Koko goes to the public kitchen to Cook Food for her sister.[12] Link can speak to her and she will declare that dinner is Veggie Cream Soup.[13] While she claims that the dish is healthy,[14] she admits that she only knows that through hearsay.[15] Koko tells Link how he can make the dish.[16] However, Koko quickly realizes that she is missing an ingredient and panics.[17] Whether or not Link agrees to help Koko, just speaking to her begins the Side Quest, "Koko's Kitchen".

Once the Side Quest is completed, Koko will have another problem at the Cooking Pot. If spoken to, she will be debating on what to make before settling on Hot Buttered Apple, a Recipe of her mother's that she and her sister enjoy.[18] Koko goes over the ingredients out loud,[19] then realizes that she is once again short one.[20] Disappointed in herself, she guiltily calls herself a bad daughter that cannot take her mother's place.[21] Again, just the act of hearing Koko's problem begins the Side Quest, "Cooking with Koko".

When this Side Quest has been finished, Koko will have another dilemma ready for Link to solve. She will be contemplating what new meal to make and decides on a favorite of Dorian's, Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin.[22] The girl claims this meal is good for a boost of energy.[23] Once more, Koko lists the ingredients needed and finds herself lacking.[24] Although she admits she could use other meat, she wishes to use her mother's recipe.[25] Dorian used to hunt to replenish their supply of Raw Meat, but Koko cannot ask for his assistance, as he is on duty guarding Impa's House.[26] Koko once again considers herself a terrible daughter unable to fill her mother's place. Just hearing the trouble once again begins the Side Quest, "Koko Cuisine".

Koko's final Side Quest has her contemplating dessert.[27] She decides on a Honeyed Apple, a favorite of her mother's.[28] Koko goes over the needed ingredients, but once more has come up one short.[29] She recognizes that it is too dangerous to fetch the needed Courser Bee Honey on her own and laments her inability to give her mother this gift.[30] Accepting the Quest or denying it once again begins the Side Quest, "Koko's Specialty".

When all of her Side Quests are completed, Koko will declare that she has decided to be a chef in the hopes of making others happy with her dishes.[31] She realizes that she has only been Cooking using her mother's Recipes.[32] Koko wants to create some of her own,[33] but finds it quite difficult.[34]

If it is Raining during the time she spends Cooking, Koko will run into the Shuteye Inn for shelter and bemoan the Weather.[35] Her opinion on it has matured with the passage of time, but when mourning her mother she still takes shelter, albeit under the Tree in the graveyard.[36]


Koko is derived from coconut.

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