"We have original forest goods!"

The Kokiri Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Located in Kokiri Forest, the shop is run by a Kokiri. At the start of the game, Link must buy a Deku Shield from this shop in order to progress when Mido, out of jealousy, demands that Link prepare himself before meeting with the Great Deku Tree. It is the only place in the game that sells Deku Shields, except for certain Business Scrubs.

On top of the Kokiri Shop's roof, a Kokiri girl is sitting and prompts Link to talk to her with Z-targeting. The conversation is part of Kokiri Forest's function as a tutorial-abundant place.


Item Price
10 Arrows 20 Rupees
30 Arrows 60 Rupees
5 Deku Nuts 15 Rupees
10 Deku Nuts 30 Rupees
30 Deku Seeds 30 Rupees
Deku Shield 40 Rupees
Deku Stick 10 Rupees
Heart 10 Rupees


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