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This article is about the clothes worn by Link in Skyward Sword. For other clothing, see Clothes (Disambiguation).
Knight's Uniform
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Link wearing the Knight's Uniform
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Knight's Uniforms are Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Location and Uses

Knight's Uniforms are given to those graduated from the Knight Academy and then worthy the title of a Knight. The design of the uniform is changed every year.[2] Pipit, a Knight graduated from the Knight Academy the previous year than Link wears a yellow uniform.[3] One way to graduate from the Knight Academy is to win the race in the Wing Ceremony, an annual event taking place at Skyloft.[4] After competing and winning in the Wing Ceremony, a Knight's Uniform is made for Link.

Before Link can set out on his journey to find and rescue Zelda after she is kidnapped by Ghirahim, Gaepora is not quite satisfied with Link's clothing.[5] He then mentions that the uniform Link was to receive for winning the race should have been finished by then, and the two return to the Knight Academy to retrieve it.[6] Link will never change his clothing for the rest of his adventure.


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