"On the island due east of here lives an old man who was once a master swordsman. He's got proof of it, too: he has a Knight's Crest."

Knight's Crests are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. These belts are obtained from Darknuts and stored in the Spoils Bag. Darknuts often drop them when slain but, like other items stored in the Spoils Bag, Knight's Crests can also be stolen with the Grappling Hook. If a Darknut has its helmet on, it must be destroyed with a Parry attack for the Grappling Hook to be able to obtain the Knight's Crest. If unarmored Darknuts see Link, they will dodge the Grappling Hook, making it more difficult to collect the item. Some Knight's Crests are also found in Treasure Chests. When ten of these are given to Orca, he will teach Link the Hurricane Spin and Link can sell any others he gets to Beedle.

At the beginning of the game, Link can look at a Knight's Crest that Orca has on his wall; Orca responds by saying "I shall teach you of these later." Apparently, Orca and his brother, Sturgeon, were once great adventurers and had searched for these crests. According to Orca, they are symbols of courageous knights.

Oddly enough, the symbol on the Knight's Crest bears a slight resemblance to the Hylian Shield; whether this is a mere coincidence or was purposely put in the game is unknown.

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