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The Kinstone Screen is the location where Link can perform Kinstone Fusions with other characters in The Minish Cap.[1]


The Kinstone Screen is accessed by pressing the L Button while facing a character with a thought bubble over their head, triggering a Kinstone Fusion.

On the left side of the Kinstone Screen, all of the Kinstone Pieces that Link currently has are displayed in a wheel that can be rotated with the Control Pad. On the right side, a moving sprite of the character with which Link is trying to perform a Kinstone Fusion is accompanied by the single Kinstone Piece in their possession. Both Link's and the character's names are displayed on the bottom of the Kinstone Screen.

When the player selects a Kinstone Piece from those available in the Kinstone Bag, the two Pieces move toward each other in an attempt to Fuse; if they do not match, they will strike against one another and return to their original positions, but if they do match, the Fusion will be completed, and the game will transition away from the Kinstone Screen to view the effect of the successful Fusion.



  1. "Yes, yes. That's it. Press L Button! Then you can see the Kinstone screen." — Hurdy-Gurdy Man (The Minish Cap)