"Yes. I told my father about my dream... However, he didn't believe it was a prophecy..."
Princess Zelda

The King of Hyrule is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Never seen in-game, the King of Hyrule is mentioned quite often throughout the course of Link's adventure. When Link approaches Honey & Darling in Hyrule Castle Town as a child, Honey tells Darling that he is "so handsome... Just like the King of Hyrule...".


As noted above, the King of Hyrule did not make a direct appearance in Ocarina of Time. However, many things about the King's personality can be inferred by the events that occurred in the story. Unlike his daughter, the King of Hyrule apparently did not possess much insightful wisdom. Ignoring Zelda's warning about Ganondorf (The King of Thieves), the King of Hyrule was unable to prevent his kingdom's downfall in the Adult Timeline. Moreover, he apparently failed to even see the suffering that was brought upon his sworn allies, despite the perpetrator being Ganondorf himself.


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When Link first meets Princess Zelda in the Castle Courtyard, the two spy on Ganondorf's meeting with the King of Hyrule. The Hyrulean Soldiers are present and Ganondorf is seen kneeling before the king; however, the small window they are peering through obscures their vision, and they cannot catch a glimpse of the King of Hyrule. Princess Zelda goes on to inform Link that although Ganondorf pledges allegiance to her father, she is certain that he is not loyal or sincere as she had a prophetic dream that he is only using him to obtain the mythical Triforce. She told her father this, but he refused to believe it as prophecy.

When Link visits Goron City to obtain the Goron's Ruby, it is revealed that the King of Hyrule at one point became sworn brothers with the Goron Patriarch, Darunia. Darunia is shocked to see that the messenger of the Royal Family is a mere child. Feeling insulted, Darunia questions aloud whether he has lost status among his sworn brother, the king.

As it would turn out, princess Zelda did indeed predict the future, as Ganondorf betrays the King of Hyrule, steals the Triforce from the Sacred Realm, and becomes the King of Evil. It is implied (much more heavily in the manga) that the King dies around this time, but it is never explicitly stated.

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