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"My husband in life, King Zora, also rests his spirit here. It is no coincidence my son found his salvation in this place. ...That which I have promised you is within this grave."
Queen Rutela

King Zora's Grave is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located in a secret area behind Kakariko Graveyard, it is the burial ground of King Zora. King Zora's grave is surrounded by a pool of water with many underwater caverns and boulders found at the bottom. A secret path beneath an underwater boulder leads directly to Lake Hylia.


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After Link brings Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village, the ghost of Queen Rutela appears before Link once more, asking him to follow her in order to receive the reward he was promised. Beneath the grave of King Zora, Link finds the Zora Armor, which allows him to breathe underwater and move like a Zora. Later, Ralis travels to the grave site, seeking salvation.

Later in the game, Link shows him Ashei's Sketch, which depicts a Yeti holding a Reekfish, a rare fish found only near the Mother-and-Child Rocks at the base of the falls in Zora's Domain; to aid him in catching a Reekfish, Ralis gives Link his earring, made from coral, which is the only bait that will entice Reekfish.

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