"My name is Mutoh. I am the king of the great Cobble Kingdom."
— King Mutoh

King Mutoh is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. He was the ruler of the once glorious civilization known as the Cobble Kingdom before it vanished from existence. King Mutoh remains in the World of the Ocean King as a ghost, and rests in his temple on the Isle of Ruins.


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King Mutoh

King Mutoh as seen in-game

During his quest to defeat Bellum, Link arrives at the Isle of Ruins looking for Aquanine, the last Pure Metal needed to forge the Phantom Sword, the only weapon that can defeat Bellum. The ghosts of the Four Knights of the Cobble Kingdom; Brant, Bremeur, Doylan and Max, help Link enter King Mutoh's tomb, and tell him of a monster that is disturbing the King's peaceful slumber. After defeating the stone soldier, Eox, Link enters the resting place of King Mutoh who has been calmed by the monster's defeat. The King is distraught to find that the Ocean King is in need of assistance and presents Link with the Aquanine before returning to his slumber.

After the monster lurking in his kingdom has been defeated, he will send Link a Power Gem through the postal service.

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It is probable that King Mutoh is named after Mutoh from previous games in the Legend of Zelda series. This seems likely due to their identical names, as well as the fact that King Mutoh is the leader of Four Knights of the Cobble Kingdom while Mutoh is the leader of four Carpenters.

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