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King Gleeok is an overworld boss in Tears of the Kingdom.


This three-headed monster with lightning, fire, and ice attributes first appeared after the Upheaval. The King Gleeoks are in special areas compared to regular Gleeoks, as they are either on Sky Islands or within the Depths. In the case of Sky Islands, they are mostly situated in locations that are difficult to reach even with Zonai Devices. It is recommended to get Large Zonai Charges or many Energy Cell upgrades before attempting to reach one. The Gleeok in the Depths is located under Thyphlo Ruins, in the Gleeok Den. In general, Link needs to be prepared with health restoring food, potions, and plenty of arrows, (which can be bought from a shop in towns or from Beedle at a stable.) In all, there are 4 King Gleeoks Link can fight, 3 in the Sky Islands, and one in the Depths.

Like the singular elemental Gleeoks, King Gleeok is a flying dragon monster that often takes to the skies, unleashing beam, ball attacks, and flapping its wings to primarily engage in a ranged fight. Their three heads must be knocked out to stun King Gleeok, causing it fall and sometimes take fall damage in the process.

Unlike their sub-species, King Gleeok does not change the weather or temperature when the fight begins, but the Gleeok fights over the Hebra and Gerudo regions keep the harsh weather their regions contain.

King Gleeok locations on the Sky Islands

Locations of King Gleeoks as shown on the map

The way to fight these things are to use nearby pillars for protection, all while aiming in mid-air to take shots. A spring or wing Zonai device fused to a shield may be helpful to give Link that extra boost. After hitting all three heads, it will be stunned, allowing Link to do massive damage.

When King Gleeok's HP is down to 25%, it will soar higher into the sky. The ice-element head and thunder-element head unleash the icicle storm attack and lightning strike attack, together. It is recommended to climb on the top of the icicle and use Recall ability to reverse it upwards, with the Lightning Helm on to block the lightning. Once Link reaches the height where King Gleeok is, be aware that fire-element head will launch a huge fireball to shoot Link down. To reduce the risk, the player should adjust the attack when King Gleeok is stunned and maintain its HP at around 25%-30%. When it gets up, pick one element you're good at, and knock out the heads with other elements (e.g. If you're good at handling the icicle storm attack, knock out the fire- and thunder-element heads.) That way, when King Gleeok soar into the sky, it will be easier to reach and shoot it down.

The King Gleeok located in the Depths in the Gleeok Den is covered in Gloom, making it the only Gleeok to have this distinction. It is recommended to bring food that restores Gloom hearts when fighting this Gleeok.

The exact cords are:

Necluda Sky Archipelago (Sky - Above Eventide Island) 4649, -3722, 1059
West Hebra Sky Archipelago (Sky) -4469, 2274, 1247
North Gerudo Sky Archipelago (Sky) -4448, -2626, 1413
Gleeok Den (Depths) 0355, 3133, -0621



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